Las Vegas Paranormal Noir: Night Mayer Series

Paul W Papa

Night Mayer: Legend of the Skinwalker

Supernatural meets The Maltese Falcon in this paranormal noir set in 1950s Las Vegas—a town where everything goes bump in the night.

It was a case P. M. Mayer should never have taken—a rich developer found dead in his trailer, the victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. But when a fancy man in a fancy suit strolls into your bar, tells you his partner would never have done the Dutch act, then lays five Cs on the table, it isn’t a scratch you can just walk away from. Now it’s up to P. M. Mayer to dig deeper and find out who—or what—really sent the man to the big sleep. Only to do that, he must head down a dark road and face an ancient creature so gruesome, so terrifying that the mere mention of its name is forbidden. In Las Vegas, the paranormal rules the night, and those who dare to enter don’t always make it out alive.

Las Vegas can be dark. Mayer is darker.

Paul W Papa

From the Book

Mayer caught his breath for the first time since the cave. “What in the holy hell was that?” he said to no one in particular.

 It was then that something hit the car from the side, strong enough to force Mayer off the road. As the occupants crashed into each other, Mayer quickly recovered and brought the Hornet back in line. Just in time for another hit to the side.

 “What is that?” Cassi yelled out.

 “The skinwalker,” the shaman said matter-of-factly.

 “You failed to mention it could outrun a car,” Mayer said, just as a loud thud came from above them, then a scraping sound.


 “It’s on the roof,” the shaman said.

 “Ya think?” said Mayer.

 The Hornet began to shake side-to-side, making it very difficult for Mayer to hold the road. The car’s rear end fishtailed repeatedly, and at one point they were on only two wheels.

 “He’s trying to flip us over,” Mayer said. He knew he couldn’t keep the car on the road at this pace, and it was clear the skinwalker wasn’t going anywhere. He thought for a moment, made a quick decision, then took action. As Mayer rolled down the window, he said to Cassi, “Take the wheel.”