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“This book is fun to read. Who knew about all that could be found in Las Vegas! Paul Papa is a great talent!”

American Storyteller: Paul W. Papa

What is an American Storyteller? You might think the obvious answer is a person who simply tells stories of America, but you’d be wrong. While it is true that an American Storyteller does tell the stories of America and the people who live or have lived there, there is more, so much more.

Long before the days of television, radio, and movies people would sit around the campfire, gather on porch swings and rockers, or come together on couches and chairs in living rooms to hear the tales of their ancestors, community, and friends. Children—huddled at their parent’s feet—would learn about their families and the place they lived through passionate stories told to them by their own relatives. These tellers of tales didn’t go on with boring facts, figures, and dates, they simply told their stories and those stories were so intriguing people would sit for hours, captivated by the pictures painted for them.

An American Storyteller is one who tells true tales but from a modern point of view. Reading one of Paul W. Papa’s books is like sitting on the porch with family. He invites you into the story, weaves it around you, and pulls the past into the present.  So come inside, pull up a chair, and get ready for a tale most wonderful.

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